Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great

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Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great. Learn more about ...

The Pirate Bay AGAIN Caught Mining Cryptocurrency Using Your CPU Power

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All in one Guide to Arrays

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An array is a sequence of homogeneous data items stored in contiguous memory locations. For example...

Top 8 reasons Why C is the best language for Operating Systems

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Why Do People think Freelancing is a Good Idea?

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How do you run OS? Explain: Bootstrap and Booting process

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Now, Google Translate can work offline in 59 languages.

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Google is now bringing Google Translate feature to Android and iOS device, and the coolest part is i...

Now, Facebook will show you how many minutes you spend on it

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Facebook's new feature is coming out as 'Your Time on Facebook'. This new system will...