What is Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence?

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Computer Vision is a field of study in Artificial Intelligence dedicated to the visual recognition s...

Disney’s new skinless robot can blink like a human

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When you move beyond the way that it has no skin, the new robot from Disney Research is a great acco...

Increase in online education and Role of artificial intelligence

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As advanced education costs keep on rising, understudies bear a definitive weight of picking the cor...

Sony launched its first AI embedded sensor

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Sony Corporation today announced the world's first image sensor with AI processing capabilities...

Now, Google Translate can work offline in 59 languages.

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Google is now bringing Google Translate feature to Android and iOS device, and the coolest part is i...

When will you die? Google's AI can predict that.

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Google tested out its A.I algorithms on a patient who walked in with late-stage cancer in a city hos...