You can now run some x86-64 Windows apps on Windows 10 on ARM

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You would now be able to run scope of Windows x86/x64 applications on your machine, on account of Ha...

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: performance, design, security, and more

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Can most dominat player in the browser market The Google Chrome will be able to beat Edge? Or will l...

Microsoft Surface Pro X (2020) review: ARM gets more muscle

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Microsoft's Surface Pro X includes an upgraded arm processor and more new colors. The software ...

How to reinstall or fix Windows update service

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we tried to stop or disable or uninstall and delete the service at one point or another. But you kno...

Microsoft Launches Free Android Wallpaper App powered by Bing

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Microsoft has launched its Bing Wallpaper app for Android devices and you have one more name to sele...

You Can't Upgrade Ram Or Use Thunderbolt On Microsoft Surface

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Support for Thunderbolt 3 is still missing. So why did Microsoft choose USB C and exclude Thunderbol...

Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

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Long-standing basic graphics editing program, used throughout childhoods since the 1980s, has been m...

Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great

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Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great. Learn more about ...

Locked Windows PCs can be affected by a malicious USB stick

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Marius Tivadar has published POC code on GitHub, that causes latest Windows 10 PCs to get crashed an...