WhatsApp introduced the new rules about forwarding the message

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WhatsApp introduced their new Forward message feature to curb on the spreading on false rumors. Chec...

Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

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Long-standing basic graphics editing program, used throughout childhoods since the 1980s, has been m...

Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great

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Just 10 inches! Microsoft's new tablet prices are also cheap, it looks great. Learn more about ...

WhatsApp will award 34 lakhs for finding Fake News

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After Government official's hard reaction WhatsApp authority gets alerted.WhatsApp has announce...

WhatsApp forwards are causing lynching incidents all over India

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More than 30 people have been killed in India in the last three months, due to the fake news regardi...

The Pirate Bay AGAIN Caught Mining Cryptocurrency Using Your CPU Power

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As Google and other tech giants are trying to choke the flow of cash to the pirate sites, they are t...

'Nametests.com' App Left 120 Million Facebook Users' Data Exposed

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Recently, researchers have found a privacy bug in an app hosted over Nametests.com. The flaw has bee...

Surf Internet offline with new Chrome feature

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Google is launching its offline mode feature for Google Chrome which will let users surf the web wit...

Now, Google Translate can work offline in 59 languages.

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Google is now bringing Google Translate feature to Android and iOS device, and the coolest part is i...