Dec 16, 2020

Chinese Capsule With Moon Rocks Coming Back To Earth

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Image:  Chinese Capsule With Moon Rocks Coming Back To Earth

China's 2-meter-wide, 90-centimeter-long flag is now fluttering on the moon's surface. China is returning after winning the moon. After 50 long years, the winner is now smiling. Although the lunar mission has been going on for almost half a century, no country's spacecraft has been able to bring back soils from the moon. America is starting lunar-expedition, Artemis from next year. The astronauts will step on the moon in a few steps. But that's still late. Before that, China has practically made a bet.

History of Moon Mission

On July 20, 1989, the American 'Apollo 11' made a historical moon mission. The first astronauts to land on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The US space agency NASA made history by taking people on a lunar mission. To keep that day immortal, the astronauts came by burying the flag on the ground of the moon. Then 50 years have passed. No country has yet had the good fortune to take people to the moon. The spacecraft has just orbited the moon. In that respect, China has beaten America and Russia. Their Chang'e 5 spacecraft landed safely on the moon, returning to Earth with a bunch of lunar samples.

China's lunar mission: What kind of spacecraft is Chang'e 5?

China, Chang'e 3, and Chang'e 4 have sent spacecraft to the moon before. The two had a static lander that would make a soft landing on the ground of the moon, i.e. it would come down like a light feather by controlling the speed. And the rover that will orbit the moon and collect samples. However, Chang'e 5 has beaten these two spacecraft. Soft landing without any mistakes. It worked exactly the way it was programmed. Pebbles and rocks are coming back to the earth in rovers. Placing the flag in the middle of it, taking pictures of the sample collection, and sending them to the ground station of the earth, did all the work.

Lander of China standing on the ground of the moon

The Chang'e 5 is being studied because the spacecraft is so complex. China did not send ordinary landers or rovers to the moon. There are four parts to this spacecraft. There are two parts. The 6.2-ton spacecraft flew from China's Wenchang spacecraft launch site on November 23. Within a week, the moon reaches the neighborhood of the earth.

The spacecraft is a multi-module probe, splitting into two as it approaches the moon. A part of the moon keeps an eye on the orbit. The second part lands on the moon. The part that was kept under surveillance included the service vehicle and the atmospheric re-entry module. Their job was to supervise and send the news of the moment to the world. Lander and Ascender are named on the moon's soil. Lander is the one who can get fresh gravel if you grab the soil from any place. Its robotic arm picks up the sample and fills the abdomen. According to China, the United States brought 400 kilograms of samples from the moon to its Apollo mission. They are more than 1 billion years old. So the goal was to get some more fresh samples of the Chang'e 5 spacecraft.

China's #ChangE5 probe has collected samples from the surface of the moon. This video captures the moment the spacecraft touches down on the moon. #exclusive

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) December 2, 2020

After collecting all the soil and stones and burying the flag, Lander and Ascender again joined the two vehicles. Then it leaves for the earth. Chinese astronomers say the sample will reveal many secrets of the moon's soil. Moreover, many unknown things can be learned about the creation of planets in the solar system.

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