Jun 09, 2019

40 most interesting facts about Linux

Image: 40 most interesting facts about Linux

Linux became a household name for computer scientists, students, system administrators. But do you know, how it became very popular, when it surfaced, it has dual birthdays quite amazing, huh! I have categorized them into 5 parts.


  1. Linux first name was “FreaX” which was a combination of “free”, “freak” and “Unix”)
  2. Linux is very late that it released after three years of it's announced date.
  3. The first commercial distribution of GNU / Linux was Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X - Wikipedia) and was launched in CD format in 1992. 
  4. Red Hat was one of the first distributions to settle within companies and data centers in 1999.
  5. An operating System called Minix was the inspiration for making Linux.
  6. Git was created for development of Linux kernel by Linus Tordvals.
  7. Linux has Two Birthdays!!! (On October 5 & On August 26 )!!!!

Operating System

  1. Linux is not an OS, but it is the kernel, GNU Linux is the OS and it comes in several hundred flavours.
  2. Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspbian, Android, Chrome OS and many more are Linux derivatives.
  3. Linux distros has a "Live Disk" feature which let you run the OS from the DVD/CD, or even a jumpdrive, without installing anything.
  4. Puppy Linux, a derivative of Ubuntu, can run just fine on many older machines, and even on really old 486's (albeit really slow).
  5. Security and Privacywise there are little to almost no gaps and security flaws unlike that in Windows and Mac. Because the community statically and dynamically audits the source code on a frequent basis
  6. Linux don't need an antivirus. It's not perfectly virus free, however, it does make viruses work harder to infect your machine.
  7. Wine, the project to run Windows programs on Linux, dates back to 1993. At the time, the current version of Windows was 3.1 and Linux was barely 2 years old.
  8. When the city of Munich chose to migrate their administration to Linux 10 years ago, Bill Gates personally paid a visit to ask for their reasons. The mayor replied "Freedom from you, Mr. Gates."


  1. Initially in 1991, Linux kernel version 0.01 was released with only 10239 lines of code.
  2. A Standard Linux Kernel of today has over 10 Million lines of code and it grows at the rate of 10% every year.
  3. About 4500 lines of codes are added and 1500 lines of code are changed everyday.
  4. Major part of today’s Linux kernel is written in C programming language and assembly language.
  5. Linux Was Initially Compiled Using GNU C Compiler.
  6. Linux, is easier and better to manage everyday work and achieving automation in various tasks using native Unix shell scripting.
  7. Linux is the most popular in terms of developing applications. It has huge community and open source in nature also it's well documented and with its man pages I hardly need to Google for packages I use in Linux.


  1. A guy named William Della Croce Jr. registered the name Linux and demanded royalty for using its name and mark. However he agreed to handover the trademark, later.
  2. Linux is it's being FOSS or open source, you can load it on every computer in the house, the business, your friends' computers, and give a copy to anyone else who wants it.
  3. Google, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, Red Hat, Canonical and Facebook are among the top contributors to Linux kernel development in recent years.
  4. Microsoft was not very much impressed by its open source systems and criticized it badly but later it was sponsored by Microsoft itself.
  5. Google has its own Linux Distribution For Their Employees (Goobuntu).
  6. Android is the highest using operating system on the planet with 2 billion people but Android runs on Linux.
  7. 9 out of top 10 public cloud infrastructures run on Linux.
  8. 8 out of 10 financial trades are powered by Linux.
  9. The Linux community enjoys creating clones of softwares that work in Windows, like - Libre Office (an MS Office alternative).
  10. 90 % with Top 10  Super computer runs on Linux. Not only that it was also first choice for bullet trains, neuclear submarines, space shuttles, Large Hydron Collider etc.


  1. Linux is the only operating system named after its founder.

  2. Linux Kernel was written by a 21 year finnish college student as a part of his hobby. Yup! His name is Linus Torvalds.

  3. Torvalds created Linux based on GNU General Public License (GPL). Perhaps Torvalds would have never written his own kernel if GPL would be having it’s own kernel and driver.

  4. Today’s kernel contains only 2% code written by Torvalds.

  5. In 2000 Steve Jobs Offered Linus Torvalds a job at APPLE on the condition that he should stop the development of Linux, But Linus refused to join and continued developing his product.

  6. The Linux kernel’s official mascot is a penguin named Tux, abbreviation of tuxedo. The idea that Linux had a pet penguin comes from Linus Torvalds himself.

I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First 'Linux', now 'git'

-A famous quote by Linus Torvalds

Here is a bonus content (Linux Timeline):

This article is inspired by this Quora thread.

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