Jun 20, 2018

Computer System - A mix product of Hardware and Software

Image: Computer System - A mix product of Hardware and Software

Computer System

    Computer "an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals". In other words, we can say that computer is a device that processes data (raw facts) and produces information ( useful facts)

    A System is a complex network of related entities, where different independent parts/devices work together in a manner to achieve a single goal/task. E.G: Respiratory System where nose, pharynx, lungs etc. works together to achieve a single goal, to keep good air in and bad air out.

Similarly, in a Computer System devices like keyboard, mouse receive/take information, microprocessor process the information, the monitor shows the result. We can broadly classify devices into two categories:

  • Hardware
  • Software


Hardware is the Physical parts of a Computer System. We can touch, see Hardware. The computer system may consist of four types of hardware.

  • Input Devices: The devices which can be used to give information to the Computer System. Input devices of a Computer may vary depending on the type of information we want to give eg. keyboard for providing text, a microphone for providing audio, webcam for providing video, mouse for providing co-ordinate signals and so on.
  • Processing Devices: The devices that help to process the raw data. We can use different kinds of processing devices to do processing in a better way. Eg. Microprocessors for normal processing, Microcontrollers for embedded systems like a washing machine, AC, GPU for processing graphics more efficiently.
  • Output Devices: The devices which show the processed data as output. Like input devices, depending on our need we can have different varieties of output devices. Like: monitor for showing the output, printer to get a hard copy of it, speaker to hear audio, 3d printer to print 3d architectures.
  • Memory Devices: We use memory devices to store information permanently or temporarily. Eg. RAM, Cache etc. used to store data temporarily, CD, DVD etc. to store data permanently and so on.


The software is the logical parts of a computer system. The software is some pieces of data that tell computer how to work. In contrast to the hardware which actually does the work. Software can be classified into three categories:
  • System Software: System Software provides basic functionalities of a system also, communicates with the hardware and provides a platform to run application software. Eg. Operating Systems, Device drivers, Antiviruses etc. are the part of System Software
  • Application Software: Application Softwares or popularly known as "Apps" are specialized software that provides us with functionalities beyond the basic ones. Eg. Games which provides entertainment, MS Word which helps to write a document and so on. 
  • Malicious Software: This kind of software is like diseases to other software. It destroys data, reproduce itself rapidly etc. Eg. Viruses are the example of malicious software.

Difference Between Hardware and Software

1) Physical parts of the computer are called hardware.1) A set of instructions given to the computer is called software.
2) You can touch, see and feel hardware.2) You cannot touch and feel software.
3) Computer Hardware operates under the control of a software.3)The operations of the computer are controlled by software.
4) Hardware is not affected by computer viruses.4) A software can get affected by computer viruses.
5)Hardware cannot be transferred from one place to another electronically through the network.5) The software can be transferred from one place to another electronically through the network.
6) A user cannot make new duplicate copies of the hardware.6) A user can make many new duplicate copies of the software
7) Same Hardware only degrades over the time.7) Same software gets better over the time.

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