Jun 21, 2018

C++ vs Java vs Python who will win?

Image: C++ vs Java vs Python who will win?

Python: I am the smallest.

Java: But I am the fastest.

C++: Haha...(Sarcastic)

Python: People like me. They don’t need to remember much. You are a headache for them. A simple ‘Hello World’ code for you takes a lot of time to write. It takes just some seconds in me.

Java: You don’t have good multi-threading facility. Do you? And you C++, almost every programmer knows how to use you but it doesn't mean you are the best. Give me one example where you are better than me.

C++: Multiple Inheritance.

Java: Ha...

C++: What is there to laugh?

Java: Just remembered how stupid it is to use pointers while using you which can easily be used by hackers. Try me for better security.

Python: I too don’t have pointers.

C++: Does that mean I am useless? People are still fond of me as they were twenty years ago.

Java: You are useless in terms of portability. You needed to be compiled every time. We can be run anytime, anywhere.

Python: That’s like my friend Java.

C++: Shut up Python. You are just a baby yet. Don’t forget Java, you are derived from me.

Java: Whatever. You were ill and that is why people started using me.

Python: Can you guys do this? Arithmetic operations on integers without even initializing a variable.

Java: You proved you are slow python. We reached a lot ahead of that topic in our conversation.

C++: I am everywhere.

Java: That is my line. You aren’t in Android.

C++: I am there too my son. Remember NDK?

Python: Ahah.

Java: What?

Python: I didn't speak since long. Was just letting you know I am still here.

Java: I am mature. I can do anything. So I’ll stop this conversation battle.

C++: Which battle?

Java: Everyone of us is used in one or the other way. I am widely used for Android, Python for reducing the length of the code and C++ is used when large-scale programming is required. But still, I am the best.

Long story short. Every programming language is best in its own ways. Embedded systems require knowledge of C++ while Android is for Java. Niraj Kumar quoted in his answer “No one is Sheldon Cooper who always wins” which is totally correct as all languages perform best in the circumstances for which they are made for. If I had to choose the winner among these three, its going to be Java.

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