Jun 26, 2018

Now, Facebook will show you how many minutes you spend on it

Image:  Now, Facebook will show you how many minutes you spend on it

    Do you log in to Facebook frequently? Do you spend most of the time by diving through other's profile? Or changing your picture repeatedly on Facebook? status update? The fact of the matter is you spent a lot of time on Facebook. After all of this, you just feel empty. But even after this, you can not pull out from anyway. 

'Your Time on Facebook' Feature:

    Now Facebook can help you with this matter. Facebook's new feature is coming out as 'Your Time on Facebook'. This new system will tell you how much time you spend on this social media. With the new feature, you can set a fixed time for Facebook. If you cross that time 'Your Time on Facebook' will prompt you. Not only this, this new feature will help to monitor Facebook notifications. You can also check the average time spent on Facebook in the previous week. A Facebook official says,

“We’re always working on new ways to help make sure people’s time on Facebook is time well spent.”

YouTube, Instagram, Google are also in the race:

    Not only Facebook other tech giants like YouTube and Instagram have also launched features dedicated to helping users manage time in their apps. In Android P, Google is working on an 'Android Dashboard' where users can see their App usage patterns like the time spent on each App, also users can set limits for certain apps.

    Also, advertising on Facebook will be reduced, so that there is no irritant in the use of this social media. Keep on Facebook, but do not make it an addiction, saying Facebook. So the authorities are also arranging to measure the time and limit it.

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