Jun 23, 2018

Increase of Women Contractors in IT sectors

Image: Increase of Women Contractors in IT sectors

    The number of information and technology contractor in 2017 has increased by 25%.

    Statistics from the National Statistical Office (ONS), the statistics of Nixon Williams, which provided contractors accounting services, informed that the 20,648 women were in the timeshare in 2017, but to further the role of women in the skills crisis. Required A total of 2011 of 125,012 IT contractor women increased by only 16.5%, 2013 in 13.8%, 2012 in 12.2% and 2010 9.3.

    ONS data also showed that the Contractors number has increased faster than the number of IT employees. In 2017, 125,012 self-employed it was professionals, 2016 the number of IT employees, compared with 119,568 in 2016 to 675,000 in 2003.

    Nixon Williams said that the growth rate of the IT Contractors and the equal number of women is the good news for the growth of the UK tech sector. Derek Kelly, CEO of Nixon Williams, said,  "Contractors is an effective way to transfer skills to multiple organizations that can help reduce talent," he added.

 "It is more than double the age of the employment creation after the financial crisis, so much has changed due to the flow of women in contracting."

    Kelly added: "There are more women in IT in both permanent and contractual terms, but women who have an increased proportion of the extra contractors are particularly important, Contractors can earn more than their permanent peers, which indicates that men and women The gap between expenditures is likely to be narrow in the sector.  "

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