Jun 27, 2018

Surf Internet offline with new Chrome feature

Image: Surf Internet offline with new Chrome feature

    Nowadays, cloud storages became a well-known safe, to keep your important documents and access them whenever you need. Let's assume a situation when one important document you need from your Google Drive (A kind of cloud storage). but you don't have any internet connection at that moment. So, the whole idea of keeping that document became useless.

No need to worry

    You could already download articles through third-party apps or by saving a page offline, but those methods often require users to manually pick which articles to save. Google is launching its offline mode feature for Google Chrome which will keep a backup copy of the files that you need in future. This feature will take into account your browser history, location, device usage pattern, preferences etc. to make the call. 

The new update of Chrome will be launched for Android users from India and nearly 100 other countries like Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil. It will allow users from these countries to surf web without a constant internet connection.

Official Statement

    Product Manager of 'Offline Chrome for Android', Amanda Boss says,

“When you’re connected to free, unmetered WiFi, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles, based on what content is most popular in your location”.

Google is trying to provide uninterrupted internet service to the rural areas which have poor or no internet connection. As per reports, the new feature saves up to 70 percent of your data.

How to get this

To avail, the feature all you need to do is download the Google Chrome app from play store or update to latest version.

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