Jun 23, 2018

5 Things you must know before buying a PenDrive

Image: 5 Things you must know before buying a PenDrive

    PenDrive is one of the most essential things in the present day. Pendrive is one of the devices for sharing various data, music, and video. Many people still keep important data on the pendrive without having a copy in the computer. So this electronic device must be of good quality. Because if it gets damaged then our data will get lost along with it. But when we buy the computing, we try to scratch it out, and never do it in the case of the pendrive. We just buy it without worrying. In most cases, when buying pen drives, users are able to go to the market and buy it according to its capacity, color, size, and external beauty. It's not fair at all. Today, discussions about the issues that need to be taken care of before buying pen drive are discussed.

Cheap pendrive is not good:

    There are so many pen drives available in the technology market that prices are relatively low even after the same specification as other pendrive. But why? Because the pen drives are two of the same standard specification, but their components are different. You may purchase a pen drive less costly than a lower price and temporarily win, but in the long-term, pen drive will not provide you much support.

All that glitters is not gold:

    Many pen drives are so beautiful, many thin and small in size. If you think thin smart pendrives may be better, but it is wrong. In many cases, this is not the case. After using a thin pendrive for some time and connecting it to the computer's USB port becomes a bit lax. And its components are too light and easy to lose and may get damaged fast because it's smaller.

The lifespan of pen drive is very limited:

    A pendrive has up to 3 to 5 thousand write cycles, then there may be problems in pendrive at any time. But there are many pen drives that get damaged even before writing 3 thousand times, and some pen drives also exceed the million right cycles. 

    Theoretically, if you write a pendrive twice a day, normally it will work for more than 4 years. Good lifespan does not really depend on any brand. But buying a good component pendrive is more likely to get more lifespan.

Buy Sturdy and Secure Drives:

    Many such pen drives are available in the market, which is quite tough. These are not subject to light pressure or fall in the water. There are also some pen drives that offer protection against data theft. But if you are too worried about your data then you should encrypt data before transmission.

Buy a Pen Drive with a Computer Port:

    In order to buy a pen drive in the market, maybe bought a USB 3.0 pendrive. But your computer's ports are all USB 2.0. But you will not get the transfer rate of USB 3.0, you will get the USB 2.0 speed. It is astonishing to know that the USB 3.0 technology is capable of transmitting data at up to 100 MB per second, but with USB 2.0 the amount is just 15 MB per second.

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