Jun 23, 2018

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Spooning or Fishing Emails

Image: Top 5 Tips to Avoid Spooning or Fishing Emails
    Nowadays, email has become a very convenient means of communication. Even people sitting in a country from another country can also send their message via email. But there are some dangers with this facility which can put you in trouble. Phishing emails, which are sent by cyber hackers to internet users, can cause you much harm. For example, emails from many internet users suddenly receive a message saying that there is a problem with your account and requesting you to click on a link to verify your account. In a hurry to fix this issue, you click on the link and attachment and eventually fall prey to the phishing scam.

    Phishing emails are designed by hackers in a manner that it looks legitimate and directs the user to visit such websites where they ask for sensitive information such as a user's name, password, account details, etc. Such fake websites steal your sensitive information and abuse them for your benefit.

Come to see some ways to stop the phishing email scam!

 Always check the sender's name

Email phishing scams can come from unknown senders who ask for a PIN or password. No legitimate company ever asks for your sensitive information via email because they already store information in their database. Therefore, beware of such bluffs.

Check for spelling mistakes 

Phishing emails usually have grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. So read the email very carefully before taking any action. If there is even a slight doubt then stop.

Do not click on any unknown or suspicious links

Including malicious attachments in the email is a strategy used by cyber hackers. Malware can harm your device, steal your sensitive information, or spy on you without informing you.

Beware of warnings

"Your card has been blocked", "Take immediate action", Email messages that come with such warnings sent by your bank should be carefully considered. One of the safest measures is that you contact your bank whether or not they need any such information.

Use Spam filters 

If you see a phishing email then report it. You can also use different spam filters. See the links below to see how to filter spam.

The best security antivirus software provides you with an extra layer of online security and helps to execute malware. Therefore, always install the best security software on your device.

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