Jun 25, 2018

Developers now have Fluent Design for Win32 apps

Image: Developers now have Fluent Design for Win32 apps

After launching the first update of this year and announcing some big features for the next build. Microsoft has revealed some smaller but interesting things. Fluent design system is one of them. Microsoft first introduced this technology at build 2017 and incorporating it with all windows apps alongside Universal Windows Platform(UWP) apps.

Developers now can add fluent design for native apps regardless of which UI stack is being used. Microsoft further explains:

Updates helping you support the Fluent Design System, so you can create immersive, deeply engaging experiences with Microsoft’s updated design language. Now every organization can make beautiful solutions that empower your customers to do more. With UWP XAML Islands, you can access the more capable, flexible, powerful XAML controls regardless which UI stack you use—whether it’s Windows Forms, WPF, or native Win32.

What is next

Microsoft raises the bar of expectation stating that it will have more to share during the final build of 2018. Also says, Microsoft’s mission is fundamentally dependent on how well we TOGETHER can harness the power of both Windows and Office in the Microsoft 365 platform to increase engagement for developers.

In conclusion, with the passing time, we will know more about the next build. However, it’s a promising sign for the windows community that Microsoft is sharing its tech for of Windows app developers.

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