Jun 22, 2018

‘Continued Conversation’ feature of Google Assistant feature is now live

Image: ‘Continued Conversation’ feature of Google Assistant feature is now live
Previously this year at Google IO 2018, Google announced their other products as well as Google assistant with new continued conversation feature. This feature brings a new friend to your home, it feels more natural than mechanical. The AI with the understanding of human expression and mood is a cherry on top for all the smart devices.

Continued conversation feature is now available for US users with the following devices - Home, Home Mini, Home Max. For more naturalized experience. "Hey Google" phrase is added to the assistant as an optional setting. Now, both "Ok, Google" and "Hey Google" can be used to start a conversation. From that moment assistant starts listening for eight seconds without detecting any speech. Google is trying to ease the conversation where you have to repeat the same command over and over again. Once that’s done, you can have a continuous conversation with the Assistant until you say “thank you” or “stop”.

Google offers the following example that just went up,

So next time you wake up and the skies are grey, just ask “Hey Google, what’s the weather today?”… “And what about tomorrow?”… “Can you add a rain jacket to my shopping list”… “And remind me to bring an umbrella tomorrow morning”…“Thank you!”

Recent privacy concerns make Google think again. They have taken all the safeguards to assure device is not listening to conversations beyond the wake-up call. Those who are skeptic about these technologies and concerns about privacy may turn it off.

You can review your interactions by checking Google's online My Activity Section

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