Dec 16, 2020

How to Use your SmartPhone Battery Wisely - 10 Pro tips

Image: How to Use your SmartPhone Battery Wisely - 10 Pro tips

This 21st-century era is of smartphones. The triumph of smartphones all around. Although it is a smartphone by name, this phone is very unsmart in terms of battery. It's hard to find people who haven't run out of charge. If the battery life expires suddenly in an unknown place, there is no end to the problem. But if you follow some simple tips, you can easily increase the battery backup of your smartphone. Let's take a look at those tips,

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options:

Often we turn on the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi option of the smartphone unnecessarily, which is enough to drain the battery quickly. So turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone without the need. This is the first and foremost condition to prolong battery life.

Don't put your phone in vibration mode:

The ultimate reason why any phone, not just a smartphone, runs out of charge quickly is the device called the phone's vibrator. This device that looks like a small pea can drain the battery of your smartphone very quickly without your knowledge. So don't keep the vibration mode on for too long unless necessary.

Be careful when choosing wallpapers:

Many people like to have animations as mobile wallpapers which is dangerous to the battery. The charge diminishes quickly while the animation is running. So avoid animations as wallpapers.

Decrease screen brightness:

Decrease the screen brightness of the smartphone by adjusting it with your eyes. By doing this, the battery of your smartphone will be just as good as the eyes. These tips are very useful to avoid the issue of running out of charge easily.

Monitor your Network:

VoLTE uses more battery than normal 4G. Turning off VoLTE can give you some extra battery juice. If you are still losing battery change your network from 4G or 5G to 2G. This will save almost 10% of your battery.

No synchronization without the need:

Turn off the phone's auto synchronization option unless you need too much. If necessary, manually synchronize the required apps. This will save you from running out of battery quickly.

Use Dark Mode

This tip will work only on OLED or AMOLED Screens but not on LCD screen phones. In OLED screen phones black color portion actually turns off the pixel of that area. Thus during the dark mode, the majority of the screen remains black most of the time uses the least energy possible. From Android 9, system-wide dark mode is available in most of the phones.

Avoid installing additional apps:

Installing additional apps on the phone reduces the performance of the phone. As well as puts pressure on the battery while running in the background. As a result, your hobby device quickly becomes uncharged. So don't forget to uninstall unnecessary apps all the time without the necessary apps.

Turn on Power Saving Mode

Power Saving feature comes with all the smartphones which automate most of the above actions. It kills background tasks, reduces screen turn off time, stops activity sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

Besides, there are now a variety of apps that can monitor your phone's battery and kill unnecessary tasks. Download any one of these apps after seeing good ratings from Google Play. Use your smartphone smartly and stay smart all the time.

Buy a Portable Battery

Is your phone is old and cannot support you even if you are smartly managing your phone? In that case, it is safer to buy a Portable Battery.

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