Jun 23, 2018

Import and Export Your Gmail Filters

Image: Import and Export Your Gmail Filters

Safety on the internet is a big issue. Spam emails contributing a large to make internet insecure. Spam emails are not only confined to phishing, viruses spreading and other evils deeds. If you don't know how you can identify and avoid spams check our previous post: 

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Spooning or Fishing Emails

Gmail Spam Filter

Another function of Gmail Labs is spam filters that can help you to make a solid defense against spammers and hackers.

Now, you can import and import your Gmail filters from a file, so you do not have to remember a complicated configuration to obtain good filtering.

It is easy to configure. Access the Gmail labs in your account, enable the import/export function of filters and save the changes. Now, when you navigate to

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses,
  3. Now click on "import filters".
  4. Now search for spam filtering rules in your computer, Download some here.
  5. Click on "open file"

Or you can click on "Create a new Filter" to customize your filter according to your need.

You can also export your filter and share with your friends. Sharing an incredible filter with a friend has never been so easy.

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