Dec 20, 2020

iPhone Fell From 2000 ft Height, Guess what Happend

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Image: iPhone Fell From 2000 ft Height, Guess what Happend

You must have remembered the Nokia 3315 model! That model was famous for its strong build quality. Many users claimed that their phones fell from two or three floors but they were still working. But who knew that the iPhone would prove itself stronger than that! Not two or three stories, falling straight down from the sky and surviving. An iPhone 6s fell straight from the plane to the ground. Even after that, the phone was not damaged. There are only a few spots on the screen.

The iPhone 6s have fallen from the sky. If someone makes such a claim, you may not believe it. It's hard to believe such an incredible event. However, there is evidence of that amazing event. The whole freefall has been recorded. According to tech site G1, the incident took place in Brazil. A Brazilian filmmaker by the name of Galiotto was shooting a few shots of the iPhone 6s from a small plane for a project. He took out his mobile phone with a gap in the window to shoot a special scene. Suddenly the phone slipped through the window of the plane and fell straight down. Galiotto almost immediately abandoned his iPhone. Because anyone can predict the future of the phone after reading from the sky.


Galiotto said the plane was about 2,000 feet high when the phone fell. Later he traced back the phone. After arriving at the location of the phone, he was very surprised. The phone was still on. Except for a few spots on the screen, everything was okay. Galiotto said his phone had a screen protector and a simple silicone cover.

His reliance on the Apple iPhone 6 has multiplied. Said Galiotto.

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