Jun 10, 2019

June 10 - Today in Tech History

Image: June 10 - Today in Tech History

June 10, 1854: Curved space

On this day, G.F. Bernhard Riemann proposed that space is curved in a lecture titled Über die Hypothesen welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen. He described the old-fashioned Euclidean plane geometry and solid geometry, respectively, as two-, and 3D examples of what we now call Riemann spaces with zero curvature. Saying that the space is curved, rather than flat or Euclidean, is another way saying that the familiar properties of Euclidean geometry - such as the Pythagorean theorem - do not hold. He went on to suggest that all physical laws become simpler when expressed in higher dimensions. Albert Einstein in 1915 used Rieman's work in his theory of General Relativity which incorporated time as the fourth dimension.

June 10, 1869: First step towards Frozen food

On this day, machine-frozen food was transported a significant distance in the U.S. for the first time. A shipment of frozen Texas beef had been processed by refrigeration equipment invented by John Gorrie, and delivered by the steamship Agnes in New Orleans, La. The meat was served in meals at hospitals, and celebration banquets at hotels and restaurants.

June 10, 1902: Air brake

On this day, An “Automatic Air Brake” patent was issued to black American inventor Granville T. Woods (U.S. No. 701,981), which was an important safety device for the railroads.

June 10, 1924: Electrical stethoscope

On this day, the first U.S. portable electrical stethoscope was demonstrated in Chicago, Ill. to amplify the sounds of the human body. It was designed by the Western Electric Co. with Bell System engineers and physiologist Dr. Horatio B. Williams.

June 10, 1932: Artificial lightning

On this day, artificial lightning using 10 million volts of electricity was demonstrated in the U.S. by the General Electric Company at Pittsfield, Mass. This was twice the previous maximum voltage produced in a laboratory.

June 10, 1943: Ball point pen patent was filed

On this day, Laszlo Biro filed for a British patent (No. 564172) on a practical ball point pen with quick-drying ink. A British entrepreneur, Henry Martin, saw Biro’s pen and realized its value and bought the rights. This pen is used for air crews making high altitude navigational calculations because it could write blot-free, unaffected by low or changing atmospheric pressure.

June 10, 1977: Apple II Shipped Today

Apple Computer Inc. ships its Apple II computer. The first in a long line of related computers, the original model cost $1,298 and came with 4KB of RAM (upgradeable to 48KB), and had sound and color graphics. It also had the BASIC programming language built-in, which made programming easy. Apple II's sold particularly well in schools and, with the arrival of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program, in the small business market as well.

June 10, 1998: The World’s First Wearable PC

On this day Seiko introduces the world’s first wearable PC watch called the Ruputer. It was marketed under the OnHand PC name. The Ruputer had a 3.6 MHz processor and 2 MB of non-volitile storage. The 102×64 monochrome LCD could display data or play games. a joystick with six function buttons were on the Ruputer. This watch could download pictures and had three applications that ran on Windows 95. Ruputer cost $285

June 10, 2003: Nasa's First Mars rover

On this day, the Spirit Rover launched on a Delta II rocket, beginning NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission. Mission codenamed MER-A "Spirit", launched at 13:58:47 EDT from launchpad 17-A.

June 10, 2005: Founding of TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an American online publisher focusing on the tech industry. The company specifically reports on the business related to tech, technology news, analysis of emerging trends in tech, and profiling of new tech businesses and products. It was one of the earliest publications to report extensively on tech startups and funding, woth almost $2.5M.

June 10, 2013: Apple intros iOS7 and OS X

Apple introduced iOS 7 and Apple OS X Mavericks at their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. They also gave a sneak peek at the new cylindrical Mac Pro and announced their streaming music service called iTunes Radio.

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