Jul 16, 2018

Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

Image: Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

    A sad news for Windows users, this program will be purged from next update. Windows users are getting get frustrated by the unprecedented decision of Microsoft. The company is giving farewell to the 32-year-old program.

Updates are inevitable

    As time goes on, life is getting updated as much as possible because of the usual change in the way we use our devices. Microsoft has taken a big step to bring such a change. The paint from the computer is going away. Microsoft will not keep the Paint program in future versions of Windows.

From when we can see the change

    According to an international news release, Microsoft's next Windows 10 update will be titled Autumn Creator's Update. There will be several new features in this. But the company has announced to remove decades-old paint program. Taking over for the 32-year-old MS Paint is the new Paint 3D which was introduced in the Creators Update released in April. It features traditional 2D image editing functionality as well as 3D image making tools.

Brief History of MS Paint

    In 1985, the first version of Windows 1.0 came with the MS Paint. Many have used Paint as the first graphics editing program as part of Windows's main program. Paint has started its journey from 1-bit Monochrome licensed version. At that time, the picture could not be saved in JPEG format using paint until the end of Windows 98.

Do want it back?

    However, the agency has said that the paint program is being kept as a separate app. Initially, Windows 10 was decided not to keep the Paint program in the next Windows. But they have come up with the decision for the enthusiasm of the customers. The paint program remains available but the user will have to install it from different options like windows stores.

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