Jul 20, 2018

Why c is called procedure oriented programming language?

Image: Why c is called procedure oriented programming language?

Procedure Oriented Programming (POP):

Procedure Oriented Programming consists of a set of instructions to be followed and divide these instructions into smaller parts known as functions in order for the computer to perform. C, VB, FORTRAN, Pascal are a few examples of POP.

Features of POP :

  1. Mainly focused on writing the algorithms.
  2. The most function uses Global data for sharing which are accessed freely from function to function in the system.
  3. POP follows the top-down approach in program design.
  4. It does not have data hiding options.
  5. Functions transform data from one form to another.
  6. Data can be moved openly from one function to another around the system.
  7. Sub-division of the large program into smaller programs called functions.
  8. Overloading process is not applicable in POP.

Procedure Oriented Programming Features in C:

  1. C language uses the set of instruction to inform/guide computer what to do step by step.
  2. Its depend on the procedures, more specifically routines or subroutines.
  3. As it follows the procedures, hence it adopts the top-down approach.
  4. Apart from other languages like C++, C language are very much focused on the procedure that relates to the data.
  5. C language is much focused on the data hence on functions.
  6. It is also well known as the structured programming language.

The question is heavily inspired from this Quora thread.

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