Jun 23, 2018

How to put a password in ZIP or RAR file

Image: How to put a password in ZIP or RAR file

    In the previous article, I had told how to create a ZIP and RAR file i.e. archive file. It is only necessary to create an archive file most when we have to share a file with anyone. While sharing files, it is most essential that the access to which we are accessing can access that file (ZIP or RAR).

    Any file you share with anyone, especially ZIP or RAR, is a great thing to do since it does not allow any file access to your permissions without it. The biggest advantage of doing so is that the file will never be able to misuse it even after going to the wrong person's hand.

How to put a password in ZIP or RAR file

Today, in this article, I will tell you step by step how to set a password in your zip or rar file. WinRAR software must be installed in your PC / Laptop to create an archive file or to set a password.

We have to follow the process of creating a zip and rar file. Just a few steps are different, but I am going to tell you the complete steps here.

Step 1: Create Archive

  • First, select the files and right-click them and click on Add to Archive option.
  • Add to archive

Create Archive

Step 2: Fill in your details.

  • Click on the Archive Name.
  • Select Archive format.
  • Click on the "Set password" option next to it.

Step 3: Set password

  • Write the password that you want to keep.
  • Then write the same password
  • Click on the "OK" button.

Step 4: Finishing

  • Click on the OK button.

Now you have created a ZIP / RAR file with a password named after that name. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the password of ZIP / RAR file, please comment.

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