Jan 19, 2021

What is End-To-End emcryption? How does it work?

Image: What is End-To-End emcryption? How does it work?

Hello friends, have you ever noticed the End To End Encryption term in WhatsApp. But do you know what is End To End Encryption and how it works? Today we will discuss it in detail, so please make sure to read this article completely.

End to End Encryption is designed to keep user's data secure and you get this feature in some secure applications such as Whatsapp, zoom, and many more apps, so let's learn in the detail What is end encryption?

What is End to End Encryption?

End to End Encryption is a process in which you send any message to someone that goes to a jumbled letter form of video, or audio, or text, or Encrypt, which only the sender and the receiver of the message can read. Apart from this, no one can read this message.

The first feature of End to End Encryption was first introduced in 2013 in Signal App, in which you got the feature of Video Calling, Voice Calling, and Messaging. WhatsApp and telegram adopted the E2E encryption feature in 2015.

If you do not know, then I tell you that whatever you open WhatsApp right now and you send any SMS out of it, you can not read this SMS even if you are the Whatsapp company or the government of our country.

SMS sent through End to End Encryption is very laborious even for Cyber Criminals or any big hacker organization. That's why the government is messing with many companies to let them have some backdoor to snoop on users. So let's learn that end to end encryption How it works

How does End to End Encryption work?

So now you know about End to End Encryption, now I will tell you how it works?

End to End Encryption works in such a way that if you send an SMS to someone through any App that provides end to end encryption feature, what they do is generate two keys.

  • Public key
  • Private key

Assume that the Public key is like a lock and the Private key is an opener key to unlock. The public is shared with others but the Private key is only for you.

The function of a Public Key is like a lock. At first, the messenger sends the Public key to the sender. Assume Andy wants to send any SMS to Rubin. So the Andy will send the SMS, after locking (encrypts) that SMS with that public key from Rubin's app and converts it into a code from the raw binary data.

After that, the code will go to your application's server. When Rubin goes online that the code is sent to the intended him as SMS. Upon receiving the SMS, Rubin can unlock (decrypt) the code to make a real SMS. In the same way, Video Call and Voice Call work also work. If someone hacks and gets the SMS, then they will only see the encoded message.

Benefits of End to End Encryption

  • It keeps your data 100% secure through Data Encryption.
  • No hacker can read the SMS sent through it.
  • If you want to send information related to the bank, then End End Encryption is very secure for that.
  • If you make a video call or a voice call with someone, then end to end encryption is very secure for that.

Disadvantages of End to End Encryption

  • Many people take advantage of this feature and do a lot of illegal work.
  • Most fraudsters use End to End Encryption apps for their scams.
  • In Apps with end to end encryption, you do not get an Online Backup fixer, yet this type of apps keeps backup of SMS and files in your mobile every day or every week, apart from that you do not get any backup online.

Where is the use called End to End Encryption?

Most end to end encryption is used online, you have to talk with someone or send some private data, or you know that both My Video Call or Voice Call is 100% Secure and the end to end encryption is used there.
If you want to know which apps have the end to end Encryption, then I will tell you the names of all those apps below.

End to End Encrypted Apps

All the apps given below are very Secure and in all, you get the end of end to end encryption.

  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Signal - Private Messenger
  • Dust
  • Threema
  • Wickr - Secure Messenger
  • Cyphr
  • Pryvate Now

In addition to mentioning the names of some apps, in addition to many apps, you get a handover of end to end encryption.

So friends, now you must have known what End To End Encryption is and how it works, if you have any questions related to this article, then you can ask in the comment below and if you liked this article, please this article Share it with your friends.

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