Jun 28, 2018

Why Do People think Freelancing is a Good Idea?

Image: Why Do People think Freelancing is a Good Idea?

What is Freelancing?

In a word, freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional jobs. For example, someone who took business as a profession, they are businessmen, those who are employed are job seekers, and those who earn a livelihood by fisheries are fishermen, just like freelancing is a profession. And those who are freelancing are called freelancers. Those who earn according to their own talent and expertise.

What is outsourcing?

Another word is related to freelancing, outsourcing. Through the Internet system, different organizations carry out different types of work from someone outside their organization. This method of working is known as Outsourcing. And those who are outsourcing are called outsourcers or buyers. Generally, they are the clients of freelancers.

Why is freelancing getting popular?

As already mentioned, freelancing is an independent profession, so if you choose it as a career, you can do the work, whenever you want, from where ever you want. You can work for small to big companies or for a person sitting at home. And you do not need any degree or academic certificate in it, but you have to have proper knowledge or experience and skills in any computer program. And the payment of this profession is a little higher than the traditional job. Although it depends on your performance. There are so many freelancers who are now leaving their highly paid jobs and they feel with freelancing they can earn a lot more and be successful. But freelancing can be done alongside a regular job.

What’s in it for the employer?

Freelancing not only beneficial to the freelancer but also it is helping companies to grow as well.  More interestingly, hiring freelancer for a job gives high-quality work within the redline. According to a global CEO survey by PwC, 81% of CEOs believe technological advances will transform their businesses over the next several years.

Who can do freelancing?

People of any level can join freelancing profession. There is no discrimination between men and women, nor age has any limitations. Anyone, including students, teachers, businessmen, housewives, can engage in freelancing profession. Or those who are trying for jobs after completing their studies can also choose this profession. A freelancer, maybe a 40 years old job or a 25 years old housewife.

What type of work can be done?

Freelancers can choose any work that is done through a computer. Amongst them, most popular ones are:

  • Web Development: Creation and maintenance of the website, software development for web platform etc.
  • Graphics Design: Designing Logo, website banner, video editing, animation etc.
  • Computer Programming: Desktop programming, web programmming  etc.
  • Content Writing and translation: Blogging, website content writing, story writing, news reporting, translation of documents from one language to another etc.
  • Service Providers: Provide necessary assistance through telephone, e-mail, and social media, providing information to customers of local and foreign companies.
  • Virtual Assistant: Doing data entry on different companies, working as a personal assistant etc.
  • Online marketing and Sales 

Where to start?

There are thousands of freelance marketplaces online where this type of work is available. They can also get work directly by making their online portfolio. If there is good experience and expertise in working, long-term independent jobs are also available in different companies. Top 3 of them are:

What is needed to start freelancing?

  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • Good quality internet connection.
  • Must have clean and understandable to English.
  • A desire to work, patience and effort.
  • The time and the mentality needed to practice after learning.

    Besides, there should be basic concepts about various online communication systems such as Skype, Hangout etc. Because, as developed countries outsource most of the work, so when you communicate with your client via Skype or any other communication system, you have to communicate in English. Moreover, you need to have good typing speed.

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