Jul 10, 2018

WhatsApp will award 34 lakhs for finding Fake News

Image: WhatsApp will award 34 lakhs for finding Fake News

    In the last two months, several lynching incidents happened all over India due to the circulation of fake news using social media like WhatsApp. After Government official's hard reaction WhatsApp authority gets alerted. The popular messaging app agency announced the prize money for catching fake news from the social platform.

    On Wednesday, the government of India sent a strong message to WhatsApp, Facebook. It was said to take immediate steps to stop spreading "rumors and baseless messages" by applying appropriate technology. Afterwards, WhatsApp has decided to announce a big money award for catching fake news. Authorities asked for a research proposal on how to detect false news in WhatsApp and the best proposal will be rewarded with 34 lakhs.

    Several states, including Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura, West Bengal, have been involved in several violent incidents, which have been blamed for "irresponsible and explosive messages" spreading on WhatsApp. At least 32 people died in such incidents in 10 states.

    In a statement issued by the Ministry of Information Technology, the administration has been keeping an eye on such provocative messages every time. In the statement the Ministry of Information Technology said,  the abuse of platforms like WhatsApp and the repetition of such events is a matter of concern.

The image is taken from TNW.

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