Jul 24, 2018

WhatsApp introduced the new rules about forwarding the message

Image: WhatsApp introduced the new rules about forwarding the message

Whispering news on the social media was the cause of the unrest in the country! Finally, WhatsApp is agreed to solve the problem. WhatsApp app is going to limit the message forwarding. Yesterday, this is announced by the Indian authorities of WhatsApp!

What happened on WhatsApp

The incidence of mod lynching has increased in the country due to the spread of rumor through WhatsApp, and the victims are the innocent people. More than 20 million people worldwide use WhatsApp. Messages are forwarded to different WhatsApp groups. This is the beginning of turmoil!

The government has warned the WhatsApp authorities after the incident of the killing of five people in Maharashtra in suspicion of being kidnappers came into the public eye. WhatsApp organization said that,

"From now on, whether it's a private or group, more than five chats cannot be forwarded."

On Thursday, WhatsApp was warned by the Central Government for the second time. The government issued a public statement says, the notice is said to stop the spread of false news at any price. Otherwise, the central government will go on the legal path. In this month, WhatsApp informs the users about their new features by giving advertisement in the newspaper, to stop spreading false news. Before responding to the notice, the WhatsApp Authority said the app would be able to restore WhatsApp as its main character.

"We built WhatsApp as a private messaging app - a simple, secure, and reliable way to communicate with friends and family."

WhatsApp Feature Changes

  • WhatsApp is testing a new feature to limit the spread of spam and misinformation on the platform. A message can only be forwarded to 5 chats at once in India and 20 chats at once in rest of the world.
  • Removal of the "Quick forward" button next to media messages to encourage users to think before sharing messages that were forwarded.
  • Labeling "Forward messages". This new label feature was added in line with the social platform stopping the spread of misinformation and spam and to help users determine whether a message was actually written by a contact.

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