Jun 19, 2018

Why the name is C? Where does it come from?

Image: Why the name is C? Where does it come from?
   C is a very popular machine-independent language. It allows programmers to develop software without worrying about the hardware platforms where they will be executed.
    The C languageā€™s structured format was heavily inspired by a block-structured language known as ALGOL. After the introduction of ALGOL in the early 1960s, many languages are created using block structure one of them is BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Languages) mainly used for developing system software. Later ken Thompson creates another language using many features of BCPL simply know as Bis a type-less system programming language. is mainly used for developing UNIX operating system.
    Using the concept of block structure and typed language finally comes into action by the hands of Denis Ritchie and re-implements the UNIX systems. Most of the Unix system was written using C. And it is the most widespread language for its flexibility as ease of use.

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